Deciding Between New Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders

In 2017 there are a plethora of buying options for new skid steers and compact track loaders. These compact machines are a crucial part of your business and buying new means you’ll need to educate yourself beforehand. First you’ll need to decide on if you need a tracked machine or not. While skid steers operate on four wheels, compact track loaders give you extra power, lighter ground pressure and added flotation. On the other hand, skid steers have a lower cost of ownership and perform very well on hard surfaces. Learn more in Compact Equipment’s 2017 Loader Market Watch:

VIDEO: Excavator Track Options Explained

In this video, Eric Hartzler from MWE explains excavator track options at CONEXPO CON/AGG 2017. He covers Hybrid Tracks, Steel Track Assemblies with Bolt-On or Clip-On Pads and compatability. MWE currently offers tracks for pitches from 101-190. Increase your longevity, durability, and decreased operating cost with Hybrid Tracks. Hybrid Tracks are a “maintenance-free” option to rubber tracks. Pads Assemblies attach to your steel track giving you versatility that can help in a number of applications. Watch it here: 

Getting the most from a set of CTL Tracks

The folks at ASV recently offered up a few tips to extend the life of your compact track loader’s rubber tracks in an article for According to the article, the best way to get to most from your tracks is by operating your CTL properly and practicing a good maintenance routine.
Here are a couple of things to avoid when operating:
  1.  Spinning your tracks — that’s not getting anything done faster. All you’re doing is exposing your tracks and undercarriage components to premature wear.
  2. Overly aggressive operation — just because these machines can turn around on a dime, doesn’t mean you should. Extreme counter-rotations or sharp changes of direction takes its toll on the tracks.
Making sure your undercarriage is clean when you’re running hard is another way to get the most of your tracks. Taking a few moments at the end of the day to make sure you’ve removed mud, clay, gravel or snow is a good idea, however, doing it multiple times a day when the job site demands it is an even better idea.
You can check out all of ASV’s tips here. When it is time for a new set of tracks, be sure to give a call. We have the most extensive line of CTL replacement tracks in the country, and our experts will be sure you’ll get what you need.

Keep your crew safe this summer

Jobsite safety should be the number one priority for you and your crew. In this month’s issue of Construction Business Owner, the article 7 Critical Safety Considerations for Compact Equipment outline what every person operating equipment this summer needs to know before they get behind the controls.
Here’s a brief overview:
1: Know the basis of operating procedures: Inexperienced operators need guidance — give the training they need.
2: Understand jobsite safety guidelines: Does everyone have a hardhat, the right boots, vest, etc.? Also, anyone operating your equipment should also spend a little time reading the operating manual.
3: Take the time to inspect the jobs:  Before work begins, walk the job looking for obstacles, buried and overhead utilities.
4:Look for potential issues with the machine: Many problems with a machine can be avoided by simply performing a visual inspection every day.
5: Operate the machine safely: Wear your seatbelt, pay attention to the gauges and make sure the parking brake is set when exiting the machine. You get the idea.
6: Use the right attachment for the job: Accidents happen when a machine or attachment is pushed to the limit and not used how the manufacturer intended it to be.
7: Maintain the machine: Check your fluids, grease and make sure your undercarriage is clean. Also, be certain you’re got good tread on your tires or tracks.
If you want to learn more, head over to Construction Business Owner’s website.

What kind of attachments are you running on your compact equipment? 

Recently, we had a chance to check out the latest issue of Compact Equipment magazine. The article “Implement Experts Offer Unique Tools to Diversify Skid Steer and Track Loader Operations” really caught our attention. It mentioned several attachments that have been designed to do a very specific thing including snow blowers, push-off buckets, side discharge buckets, post pounders/pullers and vacuum lift systems — proving these versatile compact equipment depend greatly on the attachment. After all, not every job calls for a bucket, right?
The point the article makes is that a machine’s performance and operator productive can be enhanced through the use of a specific attachment. We believe that same reasoning should be used where the rubber meets the road, dirt or whatever surface you’re working on. Choosing the tread pattern for your skid steer loader’s tires or tracks will improve the performance of your machine, provide a smoother ride and last longer.
So whether your machines are outfitted with a bucket, vacuum lift system or an attachment the world has never seen before, we can make sure you have the right tread pattern for the operating conditions. Give us a call at 877-336-6825 or drop us an email at

A contractor’s review of Camso’s SKS 532 Tires

In 2016, Camso introduced several new skid steer loader tires and contractors seem to really like them. J. Masterson Construction Corporation of Massachusetts recently outfitted their entire fleet with the new Camso SKS 532 tires. According to Masterson Construction’s fleet manager, Kevin McGuire, the new Camso tires gives them a good middle ground for traction, performance and service life as well as reduced cost per hour benefits.
Learn more about what McGuire has to say about the Camso SKS 532 Tires in Construction Equipment Guide’s article “Next-Gen Camso SKS 532 Tires Keep Skid Steers Rolling in Massachusetts.”
Also, if you’re want to learn more about Camso’s skid steer loader tires, give us a call at 1-877-336-6825 or send us an email at MWE is the largest distributor in North America for Camso compact equipment products.


If you’re going to be at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in a couple of weeks, make sure to stop by the MWE booth and say hello. We’ll be in the Central Hall C1-C2, booth #C20369. In addition to having the most knowledgable team in the business at the booth, we’ll have the latest in tracks, track pads, tires, undercarriage components and our new line of professional generators on display.
We’re looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Increase Profitability in 2017

At the end of last year did you sit down to think about what you want to accomplish in 2017? Was increasing your company’s profitability on that list?
We all want to be more profitable in our businesses, but there are several other ways to achieve it besides simply earning more. We ran across an article on, titled “5 Steps to help your construction business be more profitable in 2017” that outlined some great advice on the subject. Here’s a brief overview the article’s key takeaways.
1) Understand the cost of doing business: Between equipment payments, payroll, fuel, insurance, etc. — do you know how much you have to earn each month to break-even? Understanding where your money is going is the first step to getting a better handle on what you need to earn.
2) Evaluated your equipment acquisition strategy: What machines do you own and which machines are you renting. It’s important to crunch the numbers to determine if what you’re paying to purchase or rent equipment so you can make better equipment related decisions.
3) Get educated on the latest technology: Manufacturers are building a lot of technology into today’s machines. That technology may or may not make your team more productive. However, until you know what’s available and how to use the technology, it’s pretty hard to decide what you need and what you don’t.
4) Calculate the risks before you bid: Stick to the work you know how to do and have the right resource to get the job done. Every company wants to expand the services they offer, but the good ones grow slowly because they stick to what they know.
5) Promote training and education: Invest in your crew. Jobsite mistakes will cost you big time. Make sure your crew knows how to do the job in front of them.
TracksAndTires Bonus Tip: Make sure your equipment is running the right tracks and tires. You don’t have to operate the newest equipment to increase your crew’s output. Ensuring your tracks and tires have plenty of tread, and you’re using the right tread patterns for the job will keep everyone productive.

Get more life from your Compact Excavator’s Undercarriage

The folks here at MWE know a thing or two about tracks, and we’re always willing to share that expertise with compact equipment owners. So, when the editorial team at Compact Equipment magazine asked us to write an article that would help contractors get more life from their excavator’s undercarriage, we said “certainly.”
Our Wholesale Division Manager, Eric Hartzler outlined what maintenance needs to be done daily, weekly and monitored regularly in the article “Learn How to Preserve Your Compact Excavator’s Undercarriage.” He also talked about the importance of buying quality parts when it is time to replace an idler, roller, sprocket or a set of tracks.
Check out the article and share it with your crew.

Bright future for rental industry

The American Rental Association (ARA) released it’s newest rental revenue forecast this week. Looking at the numbers, ARA projects the U.S. equipment rental revenue will reach $48.9 billion in 2017 and grow at an average annual rate of 4.3 percent to top $56 billion by 2020. Construction Equipment’s article about the report also states that ARA expects average rental rates to increase by 3.7 percent this year as well.
This positive news about the rental industry is great news for rental companies and contractors.
We’re looking forward to hearing more rental industry reports at The Rental Show later this month in Orlando, FL. If you’re going to be at the show, be sure to stop our booth and say hello. You can find us at booth #5532.
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