MWE Has Undercarriage Parts for Thousand of Machines

Compact Equipment ended a recent article on Compact Track Loader Tips with a nod to MWE:

MWE offers one of the widest ranges of aftermarket undercarriage components for compact track loaders and compact excavators, including rollers, sprockets and idlers. Manufactured from high-quality materials, MWE undercarriage components are designed to provide long service life and reliability under the most severe operating conditions.

Contractors, rental companies, farmers, landscapers and more have taken advantage of MWE’s large selection of heavy duty undercarriage for years.

If you are looking for replacement undercarriage parts, call the experts at 1-877-336-6825

MWE Publishes 2017 Web Catalog

MWE is excited to publish our 2017 Web Catalog. This catalog covers all of our current product offering of tracks, tires, and undercarriage parts. We now carry parts for thousands of equipment models for machines such as compact track loaders, skid steers, mini excavators, telehandler, backhoes, and wheel loaders.

MWE carries Bridgestone, Camso, ATG, and our own brand as well. Our OE and aftermarket selection is the largest of any company.

To learn more about MWE’s product offerings, view MWE’s 2017 Web Catalog.

The Top Financed Compact Track Loaders

EDA by Randall-Reilly uses financing information to provide market insights in a number of industries, one of which is construction equipment. In other words, they see who finances which machines and can therefore provide information such as the most popular new and used models, average auction prices, and more.
According to an infographic at Equipment World with data from EDA by Randall Reilly and TopAuction, The Kubota SVL75-2 is the top financed new compact track loader with 2,160 units being financed from March 2016 through February 2017. The other top selling new CTL in that period is the Cat 259D with just under two thousand financed. The top financed used track loader is the Bobcat T190 with 620 units.
They also report that Compact Track Loaders are at a 10 year high for new and used machines.

It’s hot out there! Is your equipment ready for the heat?

We’re entering the dog days of summer, and if you want to make sure your equipment can handle the heat, there are few maintenance items you need to address.
According to the good folks at Takeuchi, airflow is critical for keeping a machine productive in the heat. With all the dust flying around on the job site, filters become plugged more frequent which prevents proper circulation. They also say keeping your machines clean, greased and maintaining proper fluid levels is important. And, on extremely hot days, you should let your machine idle for a bit before shutting down.
For a complete rundown on preparing your machines for the hot summer ahead, check out the whole article on Construction Equipment Guide’s website.
If you need replacement parts, give MWE a call 877-336-6825
Stay cool out there.

What Need to Know About Operating Compact Track Loaders

There are some things you should know about operating a compact track loader. According to Operation Efficiency: Pro Tips for Operating a Compact Track Loader by Compact Equipment, you might be prematurely wearing out your tracks and undercarriage. These are the main takeaways:

  • Don’t spin in circles on concrete like you can with a skid steer- it eats up your tracks
  • Use traction to fill your bucket, not ramming motions like with a skid steer which can wear on the tracks as well
  • Keep your pressure on your undercarriage vertical whenever possible by avoiding riding sideways across slopes, etc. to extend the life of your undercarriage parts
  • Clean your undercarriage and tracks after every use to prevent buildup

If you need to replace your rubber tracks or undercarriage parts, give us a call at 1-877-336-6825 and our experts help you decide between Bridgestone, Camso, or MWE rubber tracks as well as our extensive inventory of undercarriage parts.

Manufacturers Say Compact Track Loaders Are Eroding the Skid Steer Market

What do you prefer — a compact track loader or a skid steer loader? According to the Construction Equipment magazine article “Fine Young Cannibals: CTLs Eat at Skid Steer Share,” more and more North America contractors are choosing CTLs. In fact, John Deere Construction & Forestry Product Marketing Manager says the compact track loader market is up in North America by approximately 10 percent over the past 12 months. That’s significant growth!
Brent Coffey, Wacker Neuson’s product manager for loaders, believes skid steer loaders will always have a place in the market since they are still cheaper to buy and cost less to own.
You can read more about this compact equipment trend on Construction Equipment’s website.
So, which do you prefer? Let us know. And remember, we’re here to help with all of your tire, track and undercarriage needs.

Get more life from your skid steer loader tires

Our friends at Camso shared a helpful article about getting more life from your skid steer loader tires in this month’s issue of Compact Equipment magazine.
Mike Dembe, executive director product management of construction for North and Latin American at Camso, tells skid steer loader operators that getting the most for their tires starts with having the them properly mounted and balanced. Under or over inflated tires, unbalanced tires or misalignments can lead to premature wear.
The wheels should also be inspected before mounting the tires. You need to look for rust or cracking — these issues need to be repaired, or you should replace the wheels when replacing tires. Dembe says having a trained professional mount your tires is your best bet.
The article also outlines best operating practices. You want to always make sure your tires are properly inflated, avoid overloading your skid steer loader, watch your speed and avoid being too aggressive on turns when you don’t have to.
Those are our key takeaways, but you should read the article “Learn to Minimize Skid Steer Tire Wear” for yourself.
We are one of Camso’s largest North America’s distributors of skid steer loader tires. Give us a call at 877-336-6825 when you’re ready to replace the tires on your skid steer loader.

Deciding Between New Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders

In 2017 there are a plethora of buying options for new skid steers and compact track loaders. These compact machines are a crucial part of your business and buying new means you’ll need to educate yourself beforehand. First you’ll need to decide on if you need a tracked machine or not. While skid steers operate on four wheels, compact track loaders give you extra power, lighter ground pressure and added flotation. On the other hand, skid steers have a lower cost of ownership and perform very well on hard surfaces. Learn more in Compact Equipment’s 2017 Loader Market Watch:

VIDEO: Excavator Track Options Explained

In this video, Eric Hartzler from MWE explains excavator track options at CONEXPO CON/AGG 2017. He covers Hybrid Tracks, Steel Track Assemblies with Bolt-On or Clip-On Pads and compatability. MWE currently offers tracks for pitches from 101-190. Increase your longevity, durability, and decreased operating cost with Hybrid Tracks. Hybrid Tracks are a “maintenance-free” option to rubber tracks. Pads Assemblies attach to your steel track giving you versatility that can help in a number of applications. Watch it here: 

Getting the most from a set of CTL Tracks

The folks at ASV recently offered up a few tips to extend the life of your compact track loader’s rubber tracks in an article for According to the article, the best way to get to most from your tracks is by operating your CTL properly and practicing a good maintenance routine.
Here are a couple of things to avoid when operating:
  1.  Spinning your tracks — that’s not getting anything done faster. All you’re doing is exposing your tracks and undercarriage components to premature wear.
  2. Overly aggressive operation — just because these machines can turn around on a dime, doesn’t mean you should. Extreme counter-rotations or sharp changes of direction takes its toll on the tracks.
Making sure your undercarriage is clean when you’re running hard is another way to get the most of your tracks. Taking a few moments at the end of the day to make sure you’ve removed mud, clay, gravel or snow is a good idea, however, doing it multiple times a day when the job site demands it is an even better idea.
You can check out all of ASV’s tips here. When it is time for a new set of tracks, be sure to give a call. We have the most extensive line of CTL replacement tracks in the country, and our experts will be sure you’ll get what you need.
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