Skid Steer Loader Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks Hay Spear

Skid Steer Pallet ForkOur skid steer forks are a great skid steer attachment to have on hand whether it is on the farm or on the job site. Use skid steer forks to load bales of hay or pallets of grain, then take the forks to the construction site and lift piles of lumber and other building materials. Whatever the use, these skid steer forks are built to withstand maximum weight and pressure.

Our skid steer forks are completely heat treated from base to tips. Heat-treating reinforces the strength of the steel and you’ll find that other skid steer forks are heat treated in the heel only. Our skid steer forks are constructed of 1 1/4″ thick and 4″ wide solid forged alloy steel. Fork tines taper for easier loading and unloading. To provide extended use of the skid steer forks, we furnish 3 adjustable lock-in positions that increase or decrease width between fork tines. All lock-in points are located on a sturdy fork carriage bar. Once the e-z locks are engaged, the carriage bar delivers optimal support and stability.

The skid steer fork frame consists of a fork guard, a carriage bar and 3″x 3″ square tubing. The fork guard is constructed of ΒΌ” plate steel with an updated design that allows for ultimate visibility. The carriage bar is specifically designed to hold forks and is constructed of a one-piece alloy extrusion. Finally, the square tubing along the bottom of the frame increases the bulk of this skid steer attachment, making our fork assembly the toughest on the market.

Skid Steer Hay Spears

Skid Steer Hay SpearA well built Hay Spear is essential on the farm. Our hay spear attachment offers three tines for optimum stability. The bottom two tines, supporting the round bales, are made from 1018 cold rolled steel. The center tine is one piece of solid forged steel. The frame is constructed of 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ square tube. The close center of gravity maximizes the lifting capacity.

Skid Steer Hay Spear Attachment

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