Standard & Heavy Duty Skid Steer Loader Buckets

Skid Steer Bucket SalesWe offer three basic styles of skid steer loader buckets that can be used for multiple applications. All of our skid steer loader buckets offer a unique design that features strong and durable construction. Our skid steer loader attachments are constructed of industrial strength 3/16″ plate steel and feature ¾” x 6″ cutting edges. These cutting edges are not wrapped around. Instead, the corners are welded together to ensure a much longer wear and increased durability. Our skid steer loader buckets also come standard with Safety Treads to prevent slipping while maneuvering in and out of your machine. These steps give you a solid foundation to support your weight in all weather conditions.

Snow and Litter Buckets For Skid Steer

Snow Litter BucketYou can use your snow and litter skid steer loader bucket for a variety of light materials, such as grain, seed and mulch. This skid steer attachment is designed to be large and lightweight so you can get the maximum use of the lifting capacity of the skid steer machine. It’s made of 9-gauge plate steel and its built up sides minimize spillage. In other words, the material stays in the skid steer bucket. It has the largest loading capacity of all our skid steer buckets and the high back is ideal for pushing snow.

Low Profile Buckets For Skid Steer

Low Profile BucketOther names for this skid steer loader attachment may include utility bucket or dirt bucket. Besides the fact that it is our strongest skid steer loader bucket, it offers excellent visibility of the cutting edge. The compact form of the skid steer loader bucket produces powerful break out force. Add a tooth bar and use it for tough digging. It is ideal for construction and excavating, as well as material handling.

Low Profile Long Bottom Buckets For Skid Steer

Low Profile Long Bottom BucketThis is the skid steer loader bucket with the greatest visibility of the cutting edge. Especially ideal for use with skid steer loaders where the customer is sitting lower, such as the John Deere skid steer loader and the New Holland skid steer loaders. It measures 38″ from front to back along the bottom. It serves as an excellent tool for grading and leveling. It’s form also makes it a great skid steer loader attachment to use when spreading fertilizer or other landscaping materials, such as crushed rock.

Skid Steer Tooth BucketSkid Steer Heavy Duty Bucket

Bucket Specifications

Low Profile Buckets No Teeth Weight Weight With Small Crimp-On Teeth Weight With Large Pin-On Teeth
60″ 275lbs 302lbs 315lbs
60″ with long bottom 372lbs
66″ 343lbs 380lbs 400lbs
66″ with long bottom 400lbs
72″ 375lbs 400lbs 420lbs
72″ with long bottom 428lbs
78″ 415lbs 448lbs 465lbs
78″ with long bottom 510lbs
84″ 445lbs 465lbs 485lbs
84″ with long bottom 548lbs
Snow & Litter Buckets Weight
66″ 383 lbs
72″ 412lbs
78″ 440 lbs
84″ 471 lbs

Four-In-One Skid Steer Buckets

4 In 1 BucketThis versatile skid steer attachment allows the user to perform a wide variety of tasks. The 4N1 attachment is ideal for dumping, loading, digging, leveling, grappling and dozing. It is constructed of heavy duty cutting edge (1/2″ x 6″) and offers a reinforced floor of 1/4″ extra strength steel.

This skid steer attachment is available in five sizes: 60″, 66″, 72″, 78″, 84″

Bucket Specifications

Hydraulic Cylinders 4-in-1 Bucket
Bore 2.5″
Stroke 8″
Pins 1.25″
Bucket Measurements Size
Hinge Pins 1.5″
Front Cutting Edge .5″ x 6″
Opening 24″
Reinforced Floor .25″
Back Cutting Edge .5″ x 4″
Tubing 4″ x 4″ x .25″
Width Weight
60″ Wide 660 lbs
66″ Wide 698 lbs
72″ Wide 715 lbs
78″ Wide 760 lbs
84″ Wide 798 lbs

Front Dump Buckets For Skid Steer

Skid Steer Front Dump BucketWith the new front dump bucket, you will have the ability to load materials like never before. This attachment will change the way you load dump trucks, spreaders, and tandem dumps. You will gain an average of 5 additional feet for height and 3 feet of reach to the average skid steer. You will be able to load twice the material in half of the time. Available in two different styles: Snow and Litter and Dirt Bucket. Widths range from 72″ & 84″. Snow and litter also available in 96″.

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