Tire Shield – Protect Yourself Against Off Road Tire Flats

Skid Steer Tire Resealer

Applications: MWE Tire Shield can be used in many off-road (OR) applications where tire performance, efficiency and reduction of downtime are required. Common uses included:

  • agricultural vehicles
  • all-terrain vehicles
  • golf carts
  • mowing equipment
  • material handling equipment

A pioneer in innovative tire sealant and flat proofing technologies for over 30 years, Tire Shield is the largest supplier of polyurethane fill for off-road tires.

How Tire Shield Reseal Works – Flat Proofing Your Tires

Tire Shield is pumped into the tire through the valve stem and remains in a liquid form for the life of the mounted tires. As the tire rotates, centrifugal force spreads Tire Shield evenly over the interior tire tread area.

When the tire is punctured, thousands of strong interlocking tire sealant fibers clot in and around the puncture to prevent any loss of air.

Aramid Fiber: The advantage of aramid fiber is exclusive to Tire Shield Reseal. This is a durable, high tenacity fiber that is 5 times stronger than steel and is used in bullet proof vest.

The video demonstration above shows our Gehl 4840 with pneumatic 10×16.5 Solideal Xtra Wall Tires which have approx. 100+ hours of wear drive over a 4′ long wooden board with three (3) 6″ spikes and one (1) framing nail we jokingly named the “Terminator”, pointing upward through the board. The first and last spike nails actually puncture through the tire, leaving green Tire Shield sealant on the spikes as shown. You can also see how quickly Tire Shield filled the puncture holes and hardened, preventing any further air from escaping.

We created this video on November 14th, 2011 and we are still operating this same machine with the same tires and have not once put a pound of air into them.

Stop by yourself and we will gladly demonstrate the power of Tire Shield for you too.

How Tire Shield Is Installed

Installation of Tire Shield is easy! Simply deflate the tire, remove the valve core and connect the Tire Shield pump to the valve stem. Use the Tire Shield volume chart to determine how much sealant is needed. The pump is designed specifically for Tire Shield sealant and conditioner. The durable aluminum pump will withstand rigorous daily usage whether your in the shop or on a job site. It’s very simple to use and clean and very simple to remove and attach to another pail when need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tire Shield Affect Tire Balance?
No, Tire Shield does not affect tire balance when installed at the recommended volume. However, the tire needs to be balanced before installing Tire Shield.

Will Tire Shield Work On Bead Leaks?
A bead leak in a tubeless tire may require that the tire be removed from the machine and laid flat in order for Tire Shield to reach the area of the leak. The rim and/or tire bead must be clean and not damaged. In some cases the tire may have to be removed from the wheel to clean the bead set.

Can Tire Shield Be Used In A Tube And Tubeless Tires?
Yes, Tire Shield can be used in both.

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