Rubber Tracks For Bobcat Mini Excavators And Bobcat Compact Track Loaders

We stock OEM quality replacement tracks for Bobcat Compact Track Loader Rubber Tracks and Mini-Excavators. We have the best tracks available from Solideal, MWE, Bridgestone and Camoplast. These are manufactured with continuous steel (joint-less) cords and non-recycled rubber specifically designed to handle any extreme application thrown your way.

Our OEM quality rubber tracks are the only rubber track to offer BOTH traction and flotation. Thanks to natural rubber compounds, our tracks are better chunk and tear resistant which also helps minimize vibration offering you a smoother ride and handling performance for any of your Bobcat machines.

Bobcat CTL & Excavator Rubber Tracks

In Stock Bobcat Rubber Tracks For The Following Machines

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Popular Track Sizes for Bobcat CTL And Mini-Excavator Equipment

Bobcat CTL Models Rubber Track Size
Width x Pitch x Links
Rubber Track Weight
Optional Widths Available
MT 52 180x72x39 58.9 Please Call
864 320x86x52 362.5 400, 450
T140 300x84x46 305.7
T180 320x86x49 325.85 400
T190 320x86x49 325.85 400
T200 320x86x52 362.5 400, 450
T250 450x86x55 536.25 400
T300 450x86x55 536.25 400
T320 450x86x55 536.25 400


Bobcat CTL Models Rubber Track Size
Width x Pitch x Links
Rubber Track Weight
Optional Widths Available
430 ZTS, ZHS 320x54x90 377.1
320 230x96x33 123.9 Please Call
325 320x54x72 282.2
331 320x54x78 305.76
334 320x54x78 305.76
335 400×72.5×70 598.5 Please Call
337 400×72.5×74 598.5
341 400×72.5×74 598.5
435 400×72.5×74 598.5
442 450x71x86 870.32


Bobcat Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks selection of rubber tracks for Bobcat Mini-Excavators come in a variety of tread patterns. Our OEM quality tracks are designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest job applications your Bobcat machine will potentially face. Each rubber track is designed to optimized your Bobcat Excavators efficiency by using only the highest quality natural rubber and synthetic compounds, molded around the strongest metals to withstand the worst environments your machine may encounter, all while assuring you the maximum service life from your rubber tracks. There is NO job our rubber tracks can’t handle!

Bobcat Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

Available Bobcat Compact Track Loader (CTL) Rubber Tracks

We have multiple tread pattern designs available for the Bobcat Compact Track Loader (CTL) machines, all having a unique advantage over the other. Please review the information below about each rubber track style that you feel would give you the best advantage.

Staggered Lug Rubber Track

  • Bobcat Staggered Block Rubber TracksStaggered Lug Design
    • Staggered Lug design provides greater traction and added performance in mud and dirt applications.
  • Low Vibration And Smooth Ride
    • Due to having a larger contact patch with the ground, the staggered lug reduces vibration and track noise significantly at both slow and high speeds.
  • Cut And Chunk Resistant
    • This rubber track to design with all natural rubber and synthetics blended to give your track maximum protection against sharp objects such as rebar, metal, sharp rocks and stones.

C-Lug Rubber Track

  • Bobcat C Lug Rubber TracksC-Pattern Offset Lugs
    • Off-set lugs provide a more cushioned and balanced ride for the operator. With the reduced vibration, the operator experiences less fatigue allowing the operator to perform more efficiently throughout the day.
  • Rubber Compounds
    • The rubber compound is molded around the cables and steel imbeds to produce a strong, continuous rubber track which reduces track fatigue and cracking. The overall strength of our rubber tracks are second to none!
  • Internal Steel Cables and Imbeds
    • The internal steel cables hidden deep within provide smooth flexibility and increase the overall rubber track strength that is crucial for operating at high speeds and at your machines maximum torque.

Multi-Bar “Turf Friendly” Rubber Track

  • Bobcat Multi-Bar Rubber TracksReduced Vibration for a Smoother Ride and Comfort
    • With many more tread lugs per foot, this variable lug pattern provides a smoother ride than traditional lug patterns you may find elsewhere. The results of this tread configuration is increased longevity of the undercarriage and decreased driver fatigue.
  • Multiple Rubber Layers for Maximum Track Maneuverability
    • The outer track layers are comprised of a harden rubber compound that is designed to provide excellent traction and chunk and cut resistance in the toughest terrain.
  • Overall Rubber Track Design Strength
    • The continuous steel and uniformly-wound cables significantly increase the flexible force of our rubber tracks. Using the exact same length of cable eliminates the tighter loops that can gouge and tear into the rubber track overtime giving you the most service-life out of our rubber track design.

BBE-Pattern Rubber Track

  • Bobcat Solideal BBE Rubber TracksMaximum Strength
    • Solideal’s unique “Cross-Fixed Joint” maximizes the overall strength of the B-Pattern Rubber Track. We also reinforce our track with heavy duty cables providing optimal performance under the harshest applications.
  • Floatation And Durability
    • Unique “Turf Friendly” non-directional tread design minimizes vibration and ground scaring, while still providing a highly chunk and tear resistant rubber track thanks to all natural rubber compounds.
  • Unique Tread Design
    • Solideal’s BBE Pattern has the hauler step self cleaning tread design that prohibits mud, clay and other soft ground substances from clumping up on your rubber track. This rubber track was also constructed with “Trapezoid Metal” piece bridges.

PolarTread Snow Removal Tracks

  • Bobcat PolarTread Rubber TracksImproved traction for better operation efficiency.
  • Shorter stopping distance on snow covered surfaces.
  • Smooth turning ability with less slippage.
  • Softer ride performance for operator comfort.
  • Optimum Sidewall Protection Technology—utilizes forged iron and stress reducing winged embed design.
    • Unique sidewall profile.
    • Specially formulated anti-cut/anti-gouge, abrasion resistant rubber compound.
    • Patented Anti-edge cut profile (US Patent No. 6,106,083).
  • No-Wave Cable Exclusively designed and manufactured for Rubber Tracks by Bridgestone.
    • High Strength for maximum durability.
    • Ultra Flexible for power efficiency.
    • Compression and Stretch Resistant.
    • Anti-Corrosive Braiding Technology.
  • Spiral Technology.
    • Featuring Bridgestone’s exclusive No-Wave Cable.
    • Essential for high speed, high power applications.
    • Even tension distribution.
    • Providing no pitch variance.
    • Accurate circumferential length.
    • Even traction distribution.

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