Bridgestone Paver Tracks – Design & Construction


Guide Lug

An extreme, high density, anti-gouge Guide Lug Rubber Compound has been utilized which will allow the guide lug to remain steadfast to the main body of the track, even in paving work that includes frequent turns.

Reinforced Roller Path

For longer life Bridgestone engineers focused on maximizing track life by minimizing roller path wear. Bridgestone’s global R&D Group was utilized to formulate a rubber compound which has created an industry benchmark.

Main Carcass

The construction of the main carcass, which contains multiple layers of steel cords, provides superior torsional and transverse strength during operation.

Paver Tread Detail

Paver Tread Pattern

Incorporates a high tread to void ratio for a smooth ride and extended service life. The wide tread bar provides excellent weight distribution and low ground pressure, so as not to leave an imprint in new asphalt.

The tread design also has gripping edges for consistant traction on soft sub-base conditions.

Tread Chamfers

For ease of turning and decreased sub-base mater.


Camso Paver Chevron Track

Enhanced Durability and Traction

  • Single-Cure Technology with Next Generation Rubber Compound
  • Optimized Multi-Layer Internal Construction
  • Chevron Type Tread Pattern
  • Promotes Even Tread Wearing for Long, Predictable Tread Life
  • Improves Weight Distribution with Better Lateral Stiffness
  • Provides High Traction in Softer Surfaces

A chevron treaded track for pavers built for enhanced durability and traction on softer surface paving applications. Manufactured by Camso (formerly Camoplast Solideal). Formerly the XHD Chevron.


Bridgestone Paver Track

Built to Withstand Heavy Loading and High Heat Conditions

  • High Tread to Void Ratio
  • Pro-Edge
  • Tread Chamfer
  • Smooth Ride and Extended Service Life
  • Increased Track Durability and Longevity
  • Improved Turning Performance

Bridgetsone’s Rubber Tracks for Asphalt Pavers were designed specifically to withstand the heavy weight loading and high heat conditions that occur on a paving site.

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