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Bobcat S64 Skid Steer

MWE offers OEM quality replacement tires and wheels for the Bobcat S64 Skid Steer from MWE, ATG, and Camso. Shop both Solid and Pneumatic for any application. Consider Solid Tires for longer service life, lower operating costs, and no flats! Check out our pneumatic (air-filled) tires for lower up front costs, minimal ground damage, and a smoother ride.

No need to worry about mounting your tires either! Purchase both the wheel and tire from us and we'll mount the tire to the wheel with no extra cost, just let us know when you check out or give us a call. We have wheels painted in a variety of colors so we can find the perfect match for your Bobcat S64.

Whatever your job requires, we have the Solid and Pneumatic Tires for your Bobcat S64 Skid Steer at a great price. Please check out our products below. If you have any questions, we have a team of experts waiting to take your call.

Tire Size
Tire Size10-16.5
Bolt Pattern8 on 8"