Excavator Rubber Track Pads | Bolt-on And Clip-on

Rubber Track Pad ProfileOur rubber track pad system is designed to allow our buyers to quickly remove and replace them without the hassle of reaching into hard to reach areas to unbolt their track pad. Operators love the flexibility they have with their machine being able to quickly adapt their excavator to the application; rubber track pads for hard abrasive surfaces and shoe without pad for more non-abrasive surfaces. No more worrying about transporting your machine from one area to another because of the potential of scaring concrete or paved roadways, our rubber bolt-on and clip-on track pads provide the best of both applications. Don't hesitate! Equip your excavator steel tracks with MWE's rubber pads for multiple uses.

Bolt-On Rubber Track Pads
Bolt-On Rubber Track PadsThe rubber MWE bolt-on steel track pad is easily attached to the steel grouser shoe by having threaded studs located at the back of the rubber pad, bolted through pre-drilled holes in the grouser shoe. Most machines already have these holes pre-drilled by the manufacturer or the holes may always be drilled into the shoes for later use.

A pneumatic air-gun is the most common method of removing or replacing this style of rubber pad which will allow you to quickly transition from bare steel shoes to rubber pads in just a short amount of time.

Clip-On Rubber Track Pads
Clip-On Rubber Track PadsMWE clip-on rubber track pads with bolt-on clips attaches quickly to the steel grouser shoe. Our track pad attaches directly to the steel shoe with a bolt-on bracket at each end. This permits you to easily access the bolt and nut to either add, replace or remove the rubber track pad.

This rubber pad for steel excavator tracks are available for a wide variety of machine makes and models. Call or request a quote today to learn more.

Rubber Track Pad Patterns And Sizes

MWE rubber track pads from both bolt-on and clip-on styles are available in the following sizes:

Bolt-On Rubber Pads Clip-On Rubber Pads
300mm Bolt-On Pad 300mm Clip-On Pad
400mm Bolt-On Pad 400mm Clip-On Pad
450mm Bolt-On Pad 450mm Clip-On Pad
500mm Bolt-On Pad 500mm Clip-On Pad
600mm Bolt-On Pad 600mm Clip-On Pad
700mm Bolt-On Pad 700mm Clip-On Pad
800mm Bolt-On Pad 800mm Clip-On Pad
Bridgestone Rubber MT-Pad For Excavators

Bridgestone MT-PadOur Bridgestone MT-Pads are individually vulcanized rubber pads with high quality internal steel plates that are easily installed by fitting them directly over the existing steel shoe. Rubber MT-Pads are an excellent choice for equipping your machine when your wanting to avoid damaging the ground surface below, such as concrete or asphalt.

Bridgestone manufactures and supplies MT-Pads world-wide. They have been designing, developing and supplying a wide range of rubber product solutions to the machinery industry since the 1960's.

Take a moment to learn more about our highly efficient, long lasting, easy to install MT-Pads be reading some of the benefits below.

Extreme Durability
Bridgestone Rubber MT-PadBridgestones MT-Pads are manufactured with their own, highly durable, anti-cut and anti-chunking rubber compounds. These are the same compounds Bridgestone uses in their OTR (Off The Road) tires. Combining both the rubber volume and durable rubber means our MT-Pads will provide you with a longer lasting rubber pad.

Why settle for anything less?! When you need the very best to succeed, Bridgestone MT-Pad is here for you!

Quick And Easy Installation

Our MT-Pads are very easy to install. Simply clip the pad over the inside of the steel shoe and then bolt on the outward facing side. One person can install our Bridgestone MT-Pads in half the time, or better, than pads that need to be bolted on the inner side as well. This obviously reduces downtime should you need to replace a heavily damaged or worn pad(s).


By only needing to clip the MT-Pad over the inner side of the track and bolting on the outer side prevents the need for the operator or other individual(s) from needing to crawl beneath, or reaching under the machine during installation.

Increased Stability And Traction

An increased ground contact area provides excellent traction and better stability.

Lower Noise And Vibration

Noise and vibration is significantly reduced by adding our rubber MT-Pads to your machine compared to steel tracks. This improves operator comfort and keeps the neighbors happy who may live beside or near your construction site.

MT-Pad Diagram

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