Bridgestone PolarTread All Season & All Weather Rubber Tracks

Bridgestone PolarTread Rubber TrackTracks And Tires is proud to announce the availability of Bridgestone’s PolarTread All Weather Rubber Tracks, designed specifically for snow removal applications.

Bridgestone has developed a rubber track that far exceeds the performance, stability, and control over any other rubber track that operates on snow covered surfaces. To date, no other rubber track manufacturer can compete with this unique design and we are very proud to be able to offer such a reliable, high performing rubber track.

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Bridgestone PolarTread Rubber Track Design & Performance

Need that extra grip when it comes to plowing snow under the worst conditions? Wait now longer! The Bridgestone Polar Tread rubber tracks are the ultimate solution to this job application. Learn more about this outstanding rubber track below.


Traction is the greatest concern for those who battle the elements to provide clear save passage for pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Without sufficient traction from your machine you might as well be pushing snow with a shovel.

Bridgestone’s PolarTread is optimized to provide you with maximum traction under the most severe snow removal applications. The video to the right displays how two Compact Track Loaders demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of using Bridgestone’s All Season PolarTread Rubber Tracks. The Bridgestone rubber track clearly out performs the staggered block rubber track for this particular job application.

The development of a polar tread is strictly for snow removal applications, therefore traction being the utmost importance in this design and performance. No other brand or design can compare to PolarTread.


PolarTread HandlingBridgestone PolarTread Handling Ability Bridgestone’s polar tread design allows you to initiate movement without slippage permitting you to focus more on the task at hand, and less on the lack of control.

Lateral slippage is very common amongst all machines while operating on snow covered surfaces. Bridgestone’s Research & Design center has significantly reduced the affects of lateral slippage within the design of the PolarTread rubber tracks. Polar tread reduces this affect by 11%, helping you to maneuver more efficiently within tight constraints such as parking lots or other congested areas. Also, this helps improve better fuel consumption efficiency.


PolarTread ControlabilityOne of many important safety considerations one must take when selecting a reliable rubber track is stopping distance. The graph to the right demonstrates how Bridgestone’s PolarTread out-performs standard rubber tracks by reducing the stopping distances by nearly half from maximum operating speeds.

Experienced operators understand that emergency stops occur more often during snow removal operations than any other job applications due to obscured obstructions, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and heavy snowfall. Reducing your stopping distance by nearly half can save much more than cost from property damage alone. It can even save lives.

Bridgestone PolarTread Tracks Are Available For The Following Machines

Bobcat Case JCB John Deere Komatsu New Holland
T180 420CT 190T CT322 CK20-1 C175
T190 440CT 1110T CT332 CK25-1 C185
T200 445CT CK30-1 C190
T250 450CT CK35-1

View Bridgestone PolarTread Rubber Tracks In Action

Bridgestone PolarTread Tracks New Holland Bridgestone PolarTread Tracks With Plow Bridgestone PolarTread Tracks With Snow Plow

PolarTreads Provides The Following Benefits

  • Improved traction for better operation efficiency
  • Shorter stopping distance on snow covered surfaces
  • Smooth turning ability with less slippage
  • Softer ride performance for operator comfort

Pro Edge

  • Unique sidewall profile
  • Specially formulated anti-cut/anti-gouge, abrasion resistant rubber compound.
  • Patented Anti-edge cut profile (US Patent No. 6,106,083)

No Wave Cable

  • High Strength for maximum durability
  • Ultra Flexible for power efficiency
  • Compression and Stretch Resistant
  • Anti-Corrosive Braiding Technology

Spiral Technology

  • Featuring Bridgestone’s exclusive No-Wave Cable
  • Essential for high speed, high power applications
  • Even tension distribution
  • Providing no pitch variance
  • Accurate circumferential length
  • Even traction distribution
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