Steel & Rubber Over The Tire Tracks For Skid Steers

OTT Tracks Steel Rubber

Midwest Equipment is your leader in high quality Over The Tire Track Systems for Skid Steer machinery. Operating your machine with Over the Tire Tracks (OTT) literally gives you the advantage of having two machines in one. With our easy to install OTT Track Systems you will find yourself ready to go in less then 25 minutes and even quicker when removing them.

Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) will boost the value of your Skid Steer by increasing the many usages of your machine and expanding the environments you'll operate within. No longer will you fear sinking your machine in wet, muddy terrains. Nor will you be as concerned about the increased wear on your skid steer tires from operating on abrasive surfaces such as gravel, asphalt or concrete.

Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) provide exceptional skid steer traction and lateral stability when working around steep slopes or hilly terrain.

Rubber Vs. Steel – Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks

OTT Tracks RubberRubber Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) will significantly increase both traction and flotation of your skid steer machine providing a smoother ride and overall control and stability. No more worrying about scarring new asphalt or concrete as our rubber tracks glide easily across abrasive surfaces leaving no trace that you were ever there.

You will find that we supply Rubber Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) for most all skid steer machines. You can find a list of these machines on our Rubber Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) page.

Steel Tracks OTTSteel Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) Systems are the most cost efficient solution for equipping your skid steer machine. Tackle any soft soil such as mud, clay, dirt or sand with ease by using our Steel OTT Track System.

Don't want to risk excessive ware to your skid steer tires while operating in gravel or stone filled environments? Our Steel Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) will help protect your tires from jagged, sharp stones typically found in or around heavy construction applications.

Our Steel Over The Tire Tracks (OTT) are made by a patented heating process that greatly increases the longevity of these steel tracks.

How to Install OTT Tracks

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