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Vulcanization is the process by which rubber is strengthened an hardened using heat and sulfur. The resulting product is far better suited for heavy duty jobs that can take a toll on weaker materials.


Today, vulcanized tires are all the rage. They allow your tires to last longer and your machines to work harder. That’s why has published a new article on the best and most innovative new vulcanized solutions for your compact equipment. From CTLs and skid steers to wheel loaders and mini dumpers, they’ve got you covered.


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Millennials May Bring Change to the Construction Business

When older generations think of millennials, the stereotype they often picture is a skinny graphic designer that can’t ever seem to put their phone down. The reality, however, is that millennials are a diverse group that are entering into a variety different career paths, including construction.


According to an article on, as millennials begin to enter the construction workforce, they may bring a wave of innovation with them. After all, millennials have grown up with mobile technology and online solutions to tackle pretty much any problem they face, which may translate into coming up with new ideas to create an efficient and modern job site.

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Last month, Caterpillar published a blog detailing how CTL users can perform their own maintenance, helping to keep their machines in top condition. These checks are fairly standard and can be done in the garage, on the job site, or wherever the machine happens to be sitting.


The guide covers the undercarriage, track inspections, sprockets, fluid checks, and greasing points, among other things.



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New Grading and Trenching Buckets for Bobcat

In an effort to deliver buckets that are easier to clean-out and have increased durability, Bobcat has introduced a few new models designed around grading and trenching.


According to a story on, these new buckets are compatible with the standard clamp as well as the optional Pro Clamp System. The trenching buckets are available in 12-, 16-, 18, 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch widths, while the grading buckets are available in 36-, 48- and 60-inch widths.

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The Most Bang for Your Bucket

Buckets may be the most common attachment for compact equipment like skid steers and CTLs, but as they say, variety is the spice of life. There are a large assortment of skid steer bucket types available, and rather than just sticking with the factory default, it’s worth looking through them to find the one that’s perfect for your project.


A recent article by provided an in-depth look at bucket types, giving compact equipment users the insight needed in order to find the perfect fit for any type of work. As Christopher Girodat, marketing manager for Bobcat Co. says, “When looking for a loader bucket there are some things to consider to make sure the bucket is a good fit.”

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ASV Goes Head-To-Head With Other Top Brands in New Video Series

According to, ASV Holdings Inc. has decided to test their mettle against other CTL and skid steer manufacturers in a new video series. Dubbed the ‘ASV Demo Challenge,’ the videos will focus on ASV machines and how they compare to other top brands in terms of stability, speed, traction, and overall performance in a wide array of operating conditions.


Buck Storlie, ASV testing and reliability leader, said the goal was to demonstrate that ASV machines are more productive and comfortable their competitors. “These videos prove it,” he said, “showing ASV outperforming competitor compact track loaders in task after task and giving our customers the information they need to make an informed decision when buying new equipment.”


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Wacker Neuson Increases Warranties on CTLs and Skid Steers

After the recent 2-year, 2,000-hour full-machine warranty announcements on select new compact equipment by Caterpillar and Case Construction Equipment, Wacker Neuson is joining in on the party.


According to, Wacker Neuson has upped their standard warranty to a 3 year, or 3,000 hours full-machine warranty. The new warranty is available on all new and used skid steers and CTLs manufactured after October 1, 2016 in the firm’s Wisconsin plant and sold in the United States.


The 3-year full-machine warranty includes:

  • A 4-year or 4,000-hour powertrain warranty (includes but is not limited to engine, hydrostatics and axles)
  • A 5-year or 5,000-hour electrical system warranty (includes but is not limited to switches, electronic joysticks, instrument, display, indicators and wiring harness)


Brent Coffey, Wacker Neuson product manager for loaders, said, “Regardless of whether the customer buys the machine new or used, they can have comfort knowing that is is backed by the best warranty in the industry.”


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CTLs Haven’t Replaced Skid Steers Just Yet

With the popularity of compact track loaders (CTLs) on the rise, many people think that the age of the skid steer is coming to a close.

Not so, according to a report on In fact, skid steer sales aren’t just holding steady, but they are increasing ever so slightly. While there has been a shift in sales toward CTLs, it’s mostly likely due to the fact that they are relatively new, and their popularity is almost entirely based in North America.

Here are a few reasons why skid steers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon:

  • Faster – skid steers are typically 2-5mph faster than CTLs
  • Better for use on hard surfaces
  • More comfortable for operators on rough terrain
  • Better for snow removal
  • Higher degree of maneuverability
  • Cost 5-10% less to use and maintain


Skid steer sales are beginning to normalize, and while CTLs may have put a momentary dent in their market, they’re most likely here to stay.


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