Standard & Monster Skid Steer Root Grapples

Skid Steer GrappleThis skid steer attachment is absolutely vital in the tree industry and is quickly becoming a necessity among all contractors today. We offer this unique skid steer attachment in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications: the Standard Root Grapple and the Monster Root Grapple.

Perform 3 jobs in one – in a single pass the root grapple rakes away debris, keeps it in a manageable pile to move around with ease and the round bottom bar provides the necessary tool for backfill. Load or pile logs, brush, rocks, demolition debris and many other materials. Ideal for separating dirt from rock, lumber or building materials with ease. The larger capacity means less loading and will save both time and energy. Lower your labor costs and shorten project schedules. Hydraulic cylinders operate independently to adjust for uneven loads. Enclosed cylinders and hoses come standard to minimize maintenance. Tines curve upward in order to slide across the land without damaging topsoil or catching utility lines or cables.

Standard Root Grapple

Root GrappleThis skid steer attachment is for people who make a living with skid steers or tractors. It's industrial strength and produced for every day use. Constructed of ½” top quality steel plate (60,000 psi). With over-sized points and bushings to increase durability. The lifting capacity of this skid steer attachment exceeds that of the machine every time. Hydraulic cylinders are 2″ bore and 10″ stroke. Opened, distance from tine to tine is 38 inches. Depth from inside front to back of the Root Grapple is 34.5 inches.

Available in 5 sizes: 60″, 66″, 72″, 78″ and 84″.

Monster Root Grapple

Monster GrappleWe boast the largest loading capacity of any root grapple on the market with this enormous skid steer attachment. You would think that it was produced for backhoes or track hoes, but it's design came about due to the increasing horsepower of skid steer loaders. This one is recommended for 75 horsepower skid steers or above. It's constructed of ½” top quality steel plate (60,000 psi). Opened, the distance from tine to tine measures a whopping 52″. Depth from inside front to back is 47″. The framing of this monster root grapple consists of 4″ x 4″ tubing and 3″ pipe. Don't let that extra HP go to waste and get the most out of the skid steer's lifting capacity.

Available in 3 sizes: 72″, 78″ and 84″.


Hydraulic Cylinders Standard Root Grapple Monster Root Grapple
Bore 2″ 2″
Stroke 10″ 10″
Pins 1.25″ 1.25″
Bucket Tines
Spacing 8.5″-9″ 8.5″-9″
Thickness .5″ x 4″ .5″ x 4″
Material .5″ 60,000 psimin. .5″ 60,000 psimin.
Grapple Tines
Opening Height 38″ 52″
Opening Depth 34.5″ 47″
Material .5″ 60,000 psi min .5″ 60,000 psi min
Grapple Size Weight
60″ Wide 711 lbs
66″ Wide 723 lbs
72″ Wide 798 lbs
78″ Wide 800 lbs
84″ Wide 872 lbs

Skid Steer Bucket Grapples

Bucket GrappleThe grapple bucket attachment combines the loading and leveling actions of a skid steer bucket with the grabbing ability of two hydraulic grapples. The grapple bucket attachment's basic design allows it to load and grapple large and/or uneven objects as well as clean up the smallest debris. Our grapple buckets feature enclosed cylinders and hoses to protect against debris and stray limbs. We have also increased the depth of the bucket – giving it a larger loading capacity than ever before. Reinforced ribbed bottom reduces bowing and wear of the grapple bucket. With our new design you will have an unobstructed view of the materials entering and exiting the skid steer attachment. These improvements are unique only to our grapple. No other skid steer grapple bucket attachment on the market provides these essential features.

Available in five sizes: 60″, 66″, 72″, 78″, 84″


Hydraulic Cylinders Grapple Bucket
Bore 2″
Stroke 10″
Pins 1.25″
Bucket Tines
Spacing 8.5″-9″
Thickness .5″ x 4″
Material .5″ 60,000 psi min
Grapple Tines
Opening Height 51″
Material .5″ 60,000 psi
Bucket Grapple Size Weight
60″ Wide 793 lbs
66″ Wide 847 lbs
72″ Wide 890 lbs
78″ Wide 932 lbs
84″ Wide 972 lbs
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