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Hybrid Tracks Rubber SteelTracksandtires.com, a division of Midwest Equipment, is the sole distributor of Hybrid Tracks for the Midwest and East Regions of the U.S. We are proud to now provide an excellent option for enhancing the service life out of your excavator tracks with the new design of Hybrid Tracks.

Until this, only Komatsu has had the ability to offer this revolutionary track system. MWE's Hybrid Tracks provides equipment owners with the strength of steel tracks and the flexibility of rubber. Hybrid tracks systems deliver excellent traction for any demanding environment. Compared to traditional rubber tracks, hybrid tracks are the most durable cost effective alternative than can also be repaired if need be. Each rubber pad is molded to the grouser for a quick and easy change with only a single piece and four bolts. Hybrid tracks are the prefect track system to reduce downtime, eliminate the cost of replacement rubber tracks and perform at a higher level than any conventional track available. Our chains will provide you with many years of service without the fear of snapping cords or costly downtime.

Hybrid Track Demonstration Video

We ran our Takeuchi Mini Excavator through our testing grounds to demonstrate the excellent abilities of our Hybrid Rubber Track System.

We first change from rubber aftermarket tracks to the hybrid track system which took approx. 25 minutes per side. Next we crawled over to our testing grounds to demonstrate how efficiently our hybrid tracks performed.

What we like mostly about the hybrid track system is that they run just as smooth as rubber tracks do and they are very easy to maintain with no worries about gouging the tracks with re-bar or other sharp objects that your subject to encounter. Also, each hybrid pad (steel and rubber) offers outstanding grip on wet and muddy slopes.

Track Patterns For Hybrid Tracks

Hybrid Tracks Replacement Pads

Each hybrid track width will have it's own unique tread pattern optimized to enhance your machines performance. Each hybrid track rubber pad will come complete with bolts and nuts should you need to ever replace a rubber pad due to heavy wear. We encourage you to Download Our Hybrid Track Brochure should you like to share this information with others or for your later use.

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