Bobcat T190 Sprocket Measuring Guide

We have put together a guide to help assist you in measuring the Bobcat T190 Series Compact Track Loader (CTL) machine sprocket to help assure that we send to you the correct sprocket the first time. Bobcat has several optional sprockets for the Bobcat T190. Oddly the Bobcat OEM Sprocket may share the same Casting Number, but have different flange dimensions. So to be sure, were going to show you a few dimensions to collect before you order to guarantee you receive the right part. All Dealers will have to verify this information with the Bobcat CTL machines. We just took the extra time to show you what we would get this right the first time, with no delays.

Bobcat T190 Sprocket Measurements

When determining the correct sprocket for your Bobcat T190 it’s best to remove the sprocket from your machine so that you can;

  • Find the casting number
  • Accurately measure the bolt plate flange
  • Accurately measure the dish depth

Three casting numbers exist for the T190 Sprocket and they are:

  • 6736305
  • 6726051
  • 7165110
ErrorIf you have the sprocket with the casting number of 6736305, then you need to follow the instructions below. If you have one of the other two casting numbers then you can disregard the instructions.

In the diagram below you’ll see two T190 Sprockets with the exact same casting number. (6736305) Two measurements at this point is required. They are;

  • The thickness of the bolt face flange:
    • 1.06″ / 27mm
    • 0.62″ / 16mm
  • The depth of the dish:
    • 4.77″ / 121mm
    • 5.10″ / 130mm

Once we know these two measurements we can determine the correct part number for your order. For your efforts your guaranteeing yourself that you’ll receive the right part for your machine. A happy customer is a repeat customer!

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