Solideal Skid Steer Tire Cutouts – Dare To Compare

Tracks & Tires has taken an extra step to demonstrate to you the value and quality of our Solideal Skid Steer Tires. Below is a video where we compared one of our Pneumatic Solideal Skid Steer Tires and a competitor’s tire to show you which is better in action!


Actual Skid Steer Tire Cutout Demonstration

Below we have taken two (2) BRAND NEW  Pneumatic Solideal Skid Steer Tires and sawed them completely in half to show you how our Solideal Tires compare to other brands. At MWE we offer tires with up to 83% thicker sidewalls than the competition.

The purpose of this demonstration is mostly designed to show that with each Solideal tire, we put great pride into the quality of each tire we build. The Solideal brand is designed to conquer any application that the tire was meant to handle.

We believe this gives a real good idea as to the quality in Solideal Tires.

Dare To Compare Tire Chart

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