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To Skid or Not To Skid

While compact track loaders (CTLs) have begun outselling skid steers in recent years, it doesn’t mean that the wheeled machines are going the way of the dinosaur. Skid steers still have several advantages over their CTL competitors, including speed, maneuverability, and performance on hard surfaces.


However, some operators may be unclear as to which machine is best suited for a specific job. Luckily, a new article posted on breaks down the differences between these two pieces of equipment, and outlines the kind of work that is ideal for each one.


The article compares price, maintenance, attachments, and traction, among other things. Head over to to read the full article.

New Grading and Trenching Buckets for Bobcat

In an effort to deliver buckets that are easier to clean-out and have increased durability, Bobcat has introduced a few new models designed around grading and trenching.


According to a story on, these new buckets are compatible with the standard clamp as well as the optional Pro Clamp System. The trenching buckets are available in 12-, 16-, 18, 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch widths, while the grading buckets are available in 36-, 48- and 60-inch widths.

For more details on these redesigned attachments, visit today.

The Most Bang for Your Bucket

Buckets may be the most common attachment for compact equipment like skid steers and CTLs, but as they say, variety is the spice of life. There are a large assortment of skid steer bucket types available, and rather than just sticking with the factory default, it’s worth looking through them to find the one that’s perfect for your project.


A recent article by provided an in-depth look at bucket types, giving compact equipment users the insight needed in order to find the perfect fit for any type of work. As Christopher Girodat, marketing manager for Bobcat Co. says, “When looking for a loader bucket there are some things to consider to make sure the bucket is a good fit.”

Head on over to to read the full article today!

John Deere Releases New Roll-Out Buckets

If the buckets for your skid steers, compact track loaders, or compact wheel loaders are just a little too small, John Deere might have something you’ll be interested in.

According to, three new roll-out buckets have been added to John Deere’s Worksite Pro attachment lineup. These new, larger buckets (model numbers RB72, RB84 and RB96) provide customers with several advantages, including:

  • An additional 34 inches of dump reach
  • A pivot near the cutting edge for the additional height
  • Hydraulics designed for higher lift to reach elevated truck beds
  • 114 degrees of roll-out
  • John Deere’s Quik-Tatch system, which allows customers to add or remove the buckets in seconds

The new buckets are available in widths of 72, 84, and 96 inches. To read the full story, head to or

Hey Landscapers — Are you running the right skid steer loader tires? 

If you’re running the typical R4 tires found on most skid steer loaders, you may not be maximizing the productivity of your machine. Worse yet, you may be creating unnecessary cleanup work after the job is done because of turf damage.
We recently had the opportunity to help readers of Turf Design Build and Turf Magazine evaluate several of the skid steer tire options available for turf applications. We explained the differences in tread patterns, tread depth, ply ratings and a few of the qualities landscape contractors should look for in a set of tires.
Take a moment to read the article “Tips for Finding the Right Skid-Steer Tire” to help discover the right type of tires for your specific needs. Let us know if you need help. We want to make sure you stay productive no matter what kind of work you do.