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Understanding Undercarriages

A machine’s undercarriage is often overlooked when customers are deciding on what equipment to buy. But, unfortunately, the undercarriage and track system are some of the most important components of any compact machine.


If you’re unfamiliar with undercarriages, don’t worry. A new article on reviews the different types of undercarriages (rigid, roller, and torsion) and also covers the type of work that each type of undercarriage is suited for.


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Tend to Your Tracks

While certain brands of tracks and equipment are more dependable than others, their longevity can be largely controlled by treating them with proper care. has recently released an article detailing the methods one can use to maximize the life of their machine’s tracks and undercarriages. Some of the culprits that can lead to prematurely damaged equipment include:


  • Improper / aggressive operation
  • Counter-rotations
  • Spinning tracks on abrasive surfaces
  • Infrequent cleaning
  • Neglect of track tension


By eliminating these bad habits, you can extend the lives of your tracks and machines, and in turn, spend far less money year after year.

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MWE Has Undercarriage Parts for Thousand of Machines

Compact Equipment ended a recent article on Compact Track Loader Tips with a nod to MWE:

MWE offers one of the widest ranges of aftermarket undercarriage components for compact track loaders and compact excavators, including rollers, sprockets and idlers. Manufactured from high-quality materials, MWE undercarriage components are designed to provide long service life and reliability under the most severe operating conditions.

Contractors, rental companies, farmers, landscapers and more have taken advantage of MWE’s large selection of heavy duty undercarriage for years.

If you are looking for replacement undercarriage parts, call the experts at 1-877-336-6825

Get more life from your Compact Excavator’s Undercarriage

The folks here at MWE know a thing or two about tracks, and we’re always willing to share that expertise with compact equipment owners. So, when the editorial team at Compact Equipment magazine asked us to write an article that would help contractors get more life from their excavator’s undercarriage, we said “certainly.”
Our Wholesale Division Manager, Eric Hartzler outlined what maintenance needs to be done daily, weekly and monitored regularly in the article “Learn How to Preserve Your Compact Excavator’s Undercarriage.” He also talked about the importance of buying quality parts when it is time to replace an idler, roller, sprocket or a set of tracks.
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