CTLs Haven’t Replaced Skid Steers Just Yet

With the popularity of compact track loaders (CTLs) on the rise, many people think that the age of the skid steer is coming to a close.

Not so, according to a report on equipmentworld.com. In fact, skid steer sales aren’t just holding steady, but they are increasing ever so slightly. While there has been a shift in sales toward CTLs, it’s mostly likely due to the fact that they are relatively new, and their popularity is almost entirely based in North America.

Here are a few reasons why skid steers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon:

  • Faster – skid steers are typically 2-5mph faster than CTLs
  • Better for use on hard surfaces
  • More comfortable for operators on rough terrain
  • Better for snow removal
  • Higher degree of maneuverability
  • Cost 5-10% less to use and maintain


Skid steer sales are beginning to normalize, and while CTLs may have put a momentary dent in their market, they’re most likely here to stay.


Head over to equimpmentworld.com to read the full article.