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Tend to Your Tracks

While certain brands of tracks and equipment are more dependable than others, their longevity can be largely controlled by treating them with proper care. has recently released an article detailing the methods one can use to maximize the life of their machine’s tracks and undercarriages. Some of the culprits that can lead to prematurely damaged equipment include:


  • Improper / aggressive operation
  • Counter-rotations
  • Spinning tracks on abrasive surfaces
  • Infrequent cleaning
  • Neglect of track tension


By eliminating these bad habits, you can extend the lives of your tracks and machines, and in turn, spend far less money year after year.

To read the full article on how you can increase the life of your tracks and undercarriages, visit today.

Compact Excavator Track Options

Did you know there are several track options available for compact excavators? It’s true most manufacturers ship new excavators with rubber tracks, but you don’t have to settle for standard options. For most makes and models of compact excavators, you can choose between rubber, steel and hybrid track systems.
MWE’s general sales manager, Greg Hawthorne, recently wrote an article for Modern Contractors Solutions titled “On the Right Track” about this topic. Hawthorne explains how to match your compact excavator’s tracks to the job and work environment. For many applications, rubber tracks are the right choice, but when you’re performing demolition or working in rocky ground conditions, you’re going to want a set of steel tracks. And for contractors who’s work has them working in a wide range of applications, hybrid tracks are the best option.
Please check out the article right here and let us know if we can help you make sure you’re “On The Right Track.”